Crystic Roofing

J.Rudland is an accredited and experienced installer of CrysticROOF.

The system provides a durable replacement for traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead. It is suitable for all roof structures, including flat, valley and pitched - and for all shapes, including walkways, roof-lights and balconies.

CrysticROOF remains watertight and maintenance free for many years and can add significant value to a property.

The installation can be designed to emulate a sheet lead roof covering, but has the benefits of less than half the weight and no resale value, (your roof covering will not be at risk of being striped and sold for scrap).

Upstands, flat vertical areas and flashings can also be incorporated together for a continuous seal. The standard colour is grey, but a large colour range is also available by order.

Typical applications

  • Extensions
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Dormer windows
  • Balconies